Directorate of Medical & Health Services, Uttar Pradesh

Compendium for Covid-19: Uttar Pradesh

S.No Date Refrence No. Subject & Brief description
1 25-Jan-20 150/Five-5-2020 Guidance for prevention and control of Covid-19
2 25-Jan-20 151/Five-5-2020 Guidance for prevention and control of Covid-19 especially for tourists
3 26-Jan-20 153/Five-5-2020 To constitute surveillance at bordering districts
4 29-Jan-20 WHO/nCov /IPC_Masks/2020.1 Advice on the use of masks the community, during home care and in health care settings in the context of the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) outbreak
5 26-Feb-20 View/Download Containment plan for Covid-19
6 3-Mar-20 501/Five-5-2020 To establish Control Room for prevention & Control of Covid-19 and constituting 11 teams
7 3-Mar-20 502/Five-5-2020 Circulation of Disinfection of Quarantine facilities & Containment Plan developed by NCDC, Delhi
8 5-Mar-20 519/Five-5-2020 Review of preparedness and assignment of further responsibility
9 10-Mar-20 View/Download Additional Travel Advisory (I) for COVID-19 on Home Isolation
10 13-Mar-20 528/Five-5-2020 Regarding compliance of revised travel advisory issued by Goi on 11.03.2020
11 15-Mar-20 View/Download COVID-19: Dead body management
12 17-Mar-20 View/Download Guidelines on clinical management of Covid-19
13 17-Mar-20 581/Five-5-2020 Regarding implementation of Social Distancing and others measures in the State
14 18-Mar-20 582/Five-5-2020 Regarding nomination of incharge for ensuring logistics in Quarantine facilities
15 18-Mar-20 611/Five-5-2020 Regarding compliance of guidelines issued by GOI on Dead body management & Clinical Management of Covid-19
16 18-Mar-20 594/Five-5-2020 Regarding identification of quarantine and isolation facilities for Covid-19 near International Airports
17 18-Mar-20 610/Five-5-2020 Regarding establishment of pathological test for covid-19 in Prayagraj
18 19-Mar-20 626/Five-5-2020 Regarding compliance of instructions issued by GOI on IEC/declaration of essential commodities and testing/isolation of persons coming in India
19 19-Mar-20 634/Five-5-2020 Regarding quarantine and other measures for prevention & control of Covid-19
20 20-Mar-20 663/Five-5-2020 Regarding compliance of instructions issued by GOI on ensuring essential commodities at fair price and Social distancing
21 20-Mar-20 671/Five-5-2020 Regarding Guidelines for setting up Isolation facilities/wards issued by GOI
22 20-Mar-20 672/Five-5-2020 Regarding providing IR Thermometer in District Courts of GB nagar, Ghaziabad and Sambhal
23 21-Mar-20 676/Five-5-2020 Regarding prevention & control of Covid-19 and circulation of Gazette issued by Ministry of Consumers affairs, Food and Public distribution
24 21-Mar-20 553/Five-5-2020 Regarding prevention & control of Covid-19 in District Courts
25 21-Mar-20 674/Five-5-2020 Regarding prevention measures in District Courts
26 22-Mar-20 678/Five-5-2020 Regarding constitution of 10 teams for monitoring prevention. Control and treatment of Covid-19 in the State
27 22-Mar-20 679/Five-5-2020 Regarding lockdown of 16 districts of Uttar Pradesh
28 22-Mar-20 677/Five-5-2020 Regarding sanitization of business places/public places/Metro stations etc
29 23-Mar-20 684/Five-5-2020 Regarding lockdown of district Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh
30 23-Mar-20 680/Five-5-2020 Regarding coordination with 10 teams constituted by Health Department
31 23-Mar-20 682/Five-5-2020 Regarding categorization of L1, L2, L3 and quarantine facilities
32 23-Mar-20 685/Five-5-2020 Regarding undue pressure to provide masks/sanitizers etc
33 24-Mar-20 692/Five-5-2020 Regarding lockdown of district Shamli of Uttar Pradesh
34 24-Mar-20 693/Five-5-2020 Regarding lockdown of all districts of Uttar Pradesh
35 24-Mar-20 695/Five-5-2020 Regarding to use RWA infrastructure for the quarantine of Covid-19 suspects
36 24-Mar-20 698/Five-5-2020 Regarding arrangement of funds for the procurement of logistics for Covid-19
37 24-Mar-20 694/Five-5-2020 Regarding constitution of Hospital preparedness team, Logistics transport and supply team and Surveillance Monitoring and Reporting team
38 24-Mar-20 691/Five-5-2020 Regarding sending of information on public health response to GOI
39 24-Mar-20 40-3/2020-D Annexure Guidelines on measures to be taken by Central/State Government for containment of Covid-19 epidemic in the country
40 24-Mar-20 40-3/2020-DM-I (A) Guidelines on measures to be taken by Central/State Government for containment of Covid-19 epidemic in the country
41 25-Mar-20


Guidelines for handling, treatment & disposal of waste generated during treatment/diagnosis/quarantine of COVID-19
42 25-Mar-20 701/Five-5-2020 Regarding constitution of Corona Treatment Protocol Team
43 25-Mar-20 699/Five-5-2020 Regarding nomination of officers for 3 teams-Transport team, Private sector coordination team and State level interdepartmental coordination team
44 25-Mar-20 702/Five-5-2020 Regarding complete lockdown in Uttar Pradesh
45 25-Mar-20 704/Five-5-2020 Regarding reminder to constitute 3 teams
46 25-Mar-20 703/Five-5-2020 Regarding role of frontline workers in Covid-19 prevention and control
47 25-Mar-20 702/Five-5-2020 Regarding implementation of SOP for Control room developed by NCDC
48 25-Mar-20 700/Five-5-2020 Regarding free movement for employees working in homes run by WCD
49 25-Mar-20 697/Five-5-2020 Regarding facilitation of movement of the persons associated with Biomedical equipment maintenance
50 26-Mar-20 708/Five-5-2020 Regarding attachment of L3 private hospitals for treatment of Covid-19 patients
51 26-Mar-20 732/Five-5-2020 Regarding providing information of Covid-19 on CM Helpline No 1076 and to act upon the information
52 26-Mar-20 711/Five-5-2020 Regarding general instruction for prevention & control of Covid-19
53 26-Mar-20 712/Five-5-2020 Regarding nomination of officers for team-Private lab Monitoring team
54 27-Mar-20 View/Download Response & Containment measures Training Toolkit for ANM, ASHA, AWW
55 27-Mar-20 View/Download Environmental & Social Commitment Plan (ESCP)
56 27-Mar-20 734/Five-5-2020 Regarding to take action on various correspondence of GOI
57 27-Mar-20 737/Five-5-2020 Regarding operational guidelines for the preparation of L1 health facilities and isolation wards in District Hospitals
58 28-Mar-20 View/Download PM Gareeb Kalyan Package: Insurance scheme for Health workers fighting against Covid-19
59 28-Mar-20 736/Five-5-2020 Regarding sending information on Covid-19 prevention, control to MHA, GOI
60 28-Mar-20 740/Five-5-2020 Regarding preparation of TOR and Financial assistance to private hospitals for treatment of Covid-19 patients
61 28-Mar-20 738/Five-5-2020 Regarding arrangement of medical check up facilities in main bus station for immigrants
62 28-Mar-20 NHSRC/20-21/Edsectt/Covid19/05 Regarding dedicated wards
63 29-Mar-20 View/Download Advisory for Human Resource Management of COVID-19
64 30-Mar-20 746/Five-5-2020 Regarding opening of private hospitals during lockdown in the State
65 30-Mar-20 741/Five-5-2020 Regarding tracking by Ashas of persons coming from other States/Districts
66 30-Mar-20 743/Five-5-2020 Regarding identification of travelers in contact with +ve patients during Delhi-Nagpur-Delhi travel.
67 31-Mar-20 744/Five-5-2020 Regarding preparation of dedicated hospitals/blocks for treatment of Covid-19 patients
68 31-Mar-20 759/Five-5-2020 Regarding opening of private hospitals during lockdown in the State
69 31-Mar-20 209/One-11-2020 Regarding sharing of information from temporary screening camps, shelter houses, hospitals, home quarantine
70 31-Mar-20 929/SDA/2019-20 Regarding establishment of District Disaster Control Centre
71 1-Apr-20 757/Five-5-2020 Due to sudden increase in number of Cvid-19 cases, few important steps have to taken on priority basis
72 1-Apr-20 762/Five-5-2020 Request for fixing maximum price of N95 and PPE kits
73 1-Apr-20 164/One-10-2020-33(221)/2011TC-2 Regarding financial assistance to districts
74 1-Apr-20 165/One-10-2020-33(221)/2011TC-2 Regarding financial assistance to districts
75 1-Apr-20 167/One-10-2020-33(221)/2011TC-2 Regarding financial assistance to districts
76 1-Apr-20 168/One-10-2020-33(221)/2011TC-2 Regarding financial assistance to districts where medical colleges are situated
77 1-Apr-20 166/One-10-2020-33(221)/2011TC-2 Regarding financial assistance to Health Department to procure essential logistics
78 2-Apr-20 761/Five-5-2020 Availability of logistics and level of preparedness
79 2-Apr-20 769/Five-5-2020 Regarding sending of samples for covid-19 test
80 3-Apr-20 NHSRC/20-21/Edsectt/Covid19/04 ASHAs to be protected from any mischievous incidents
81 3-Apr-20 777/Five-5-2020 Regarding operational guidelines for L2 in DH
82 4-Apr-20 View/Download Antibody based rapid tests validated at NIV, Pune and found to be satisfactory
83 4-Apr-20 View/Download In areas with no operational COVID-19 testing facility, a new facility will be considered subject to fulfillment of the certain criteria (applicable from 5th April, 2020):
84 4-Apr-20 View/Download Strategy for areas reporting clusters (containment zone) and in large migration gatherings/evacuees centres
85 4-Apr-20 View/Download Appeal to general public to not to consume and spit Smokeless Tobacco in Public
86 4-Apr-20 View/Download List of Private Laboratories to test COVID-19
87 4-Apr-20 780/Five-5-2020 Regarding sharing of information on L2 hospitals
88 4-Apr-20 780/Five-5-2020 Regarding sample collection for diagnosis
89 4-Apr-20 768/five-5-2020 Assessment of preparedness & maintenance of Covid 19 dedicated hospitals
90 4-Apr-20 ECD/COVID-19/20 Antibody based rapid tests
91 5-Apr-20 25/COVID-19/NP/2019-20/10575 Regarding expenditure in HCF for Doctors & Paramedical Staff.
92 6-Apr-20 792/Five-5-2020 Regarding proposal for establishment of testing facility in Greater NOIDA
93 6-Apr-20 785/Five-5-2020 Regarding nomination of nodal officer for PM Gareeb Kalyan Insurance Coverage
94 6-Apr-20 786/Five-5-2020 Revised operational guidelines for Quarantine
95 6-Apr-20 793/Five-5-2020 District Contingency plan template
96 6-Apr-20 791/Five-5-2020 Surveillance system implementation
97 6-Apr-20 773/Five-5-2020 Tracking of migrant workers through ASHAs
98 6-Apr-20 533A/Five-5-2020 Coverage of PM Gareeb Kalyan Package
99 6-Apr-20 View/Download Guidelines for surveillance framework
101 7-Apr-20 873-875 Quality food arrangement of medical & paramedical staff
102 7-Apr-20 801/Five-5-2020 Revised operational guidelines for Quarantine
103 7-Apr-20 802/Five-5-2020 Establishment of L1 attached facility for asymptomatic
104 NA View/Download SOP for State/District Control Room
105 NA ISBN 978 92 4 154985 1 Decontamination & Reprocessing of Medical Devices for Healthcare Facilities
106 NA View/Download Advisory for quarantine of migrant workers
107 NA View/Download COVID-19: Guidelines on disinfection of common public places including offices
108 NA View/Download Novel Corona virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Guidelines on rational use of Personal Protective Equipment
109 NA View/Download Corona virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for transporting a suspect/confirmed case of COVID-19
110 NA View/Download Corona patient discharge Policy
111 NA View/Download Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package: Insurance Scheme for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19
112 NA View/Download Guidance document on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed cases of COVID-19
113 NA View/Download COVID-19: Guidelines on disinfection of common public places including offices
114 NA View/Download Revised Guidelines of Dialysis of corona patients
115 6-Apr-20 795/Five-5-2020 Treatment protocol for L2 facilities
116 6-Apr-20 796/Five-5-2020 Filling of CIF for covid-19
117 6-Apr-20 799/Five-5-2020 Notification of private hospitals
118 7-Apr-20 797/Five-5-2020 Preparednedness of Bal grih for covid-19
119 7-Apr-20 800/Five-5-2020 Role of AD and Comm in L1 facilities
120 8-Apr-20 794/Five-5-2020 Oxygen supply & use protocol
121 9-Apr-20 819/Five-5-2020 Notification of private hospitals
122 9-Apr-20 820/Five-5-2020 To appear before CMO in case of any possibility of covid-19
123 10-Apr-20 811/Five-5-2020 to fill vacant posts of Epidemiologists and DM under IDSP
124 10-Apr-20 814/Five-5-2020 Establishment and repairing of ventilators
125 10-Apr-20 827/Five-5-2020 Remarks on increasing testing facility for Covid-19
126 10-Apr-20 829/Five-5-2020 Notification of private hospitals
127 10-Apr-20 831/Five-5-2020 Arrangement for GOI team
128 10-Apr-20 832/Five-5-2020 Support from doctors and paramedicals of Ayush
129 10-Apr-20 833/Five-5-2020 Notification of private hospitals
130 10-Apr-20 843/Five-5-2020 To enhance testing capacity
131 11-Apr-20 834/Five-5-2020 Request for indent for emergency equipment
132 11-Apr-20 838/Five-5-2020 Revised Guidelines of Dialysis of corona patients
133 11-Apr-20 839/Five-5-2020 To continue other services
134 12-Apr-20 826/Five-5-2020 Compliance of GOI instructions
135 12-Apr-20 842/Five-5-2020 Recommendation for HCQ use
136 12-Apr-20 843/Five-5-2020 Compliance of GOI instructions
137 12-Apr-20 846/Five-5-2020 Availabity of face masks
138 12-Apr-20 848/Five-5-2020 Revised Guidelines of Dialysis of corona patients
139 13-Apr-20 852/Five-5-2020 Advisory for rapid antibody testing
140 13-Apr-20 854/Five-5-2020 Minutes of Meeting dated 11 April 20
141 13-Apr-20 855/Five-5-2020 Minutes of Meeting dated 12 April 20
142 14-Apr-20 841/Five-5-2020 Police security to health workers
143 13-Apr-20 855/Five-5-2020 Minutes of Meeting 11 April 2020
144 13-Apr-20 855/Five-5-2020 Minutes of Meeting 12 April 2020
145 13-Apr-20 856/Five-5-2020 Availability of Medical Equipement at L1 CHC
146 13-Apr-20 856/Five-5-2020 Acceptance of Offer
147 14-Apr-20 861/Five-5-2020 GOI instructions complaince
148 14-Apr-20 865/Five-5-2020 VC intimation
149 15-Apr-20 867/Five-5-2020 GOI instructions complaince
150 15-Apr-20 871/Five-5-2020 VC intimation
151 15-Apr-20 873/Five-5-2020 Guideline for covid 19 test in private labs
152 16-Apr-20 872/Five-5-2020 CBNAAT & TRUENAT Use
153 16-Apr-20 879/Five-5-2020 Availability of logistics
154 16-Apr-20 881/Five-5-2020 TOT trainings
155 16-Apr-20 882/Five-5-2020 Aarogya Setu downloading
156 17-Apr-20 858/Five-5-2020 Standardization of equipment for L2 facilities
157 17-Apr-20 860/Five-5-2020 MoM dated 13 April 2020
158 17-Apr-20 876/Five-5-2020 DH conversion into L1 facility
159 16-Apr-20 878/Five-5-2020 Contact Officers for BMGF & Tata Trust Offer
160 17-Apr-20 883/Five-5-2020 Running%20of%20maternal,new%20born and child care dialysis services
161 17-Apr-20 883/Five-5-2020 Supply of technical medical materials
162 17-Apr-20 885/Five-5-2020 MOM dated 14 April 2020
163 17-Apr-20 891/Five-5-2020 NLEM
164 18-Apr-20 893/Five-5-2020 Cargo clearance
165 18-Apr-20 895/Five-5-2020 Medical equipment
166 18-Apr-20 896/Five-5-2020 VC intimation
167 19-Apr-20 888/Five-5-2020 Start of emergency services
168 19-Apr-20 889/Five-5-2020 Containment of large outbreak
169 19-Apr-20 890/Five-5-2020 Clustering of district with lab for test
170 19-Apr-20 892/Five-5-2020 Strengthening of Covid treatment facility
171 19-Apr-20 894/Five-5-2020 Sample test at Birbal Sahani Institute, Lucknow
172 19-Apr-20 899/Five-5-2020 Relaxation from 20 April 2020
173 20-Apr-20 857/Five-5-2020 Tele consultation
174 20-Apr-20 877/Five-5-2020 Nomination of nodal officer for documentation
175 20-Apr-20 897/Five-5-2020 Nomination of Lalit Narayan Hospital for covid
176 20-Apr-20 900/Five-5-2020 Nomination of LBRN as L2 hospital
177 20-Apr-20 911/Five-5-2020 Aarogya Setu downloading
178 20-Apr-20 912/Five-5-2020 Establishment of BSL 3 testing lab at Div hsopitals & Sample collection at DH
179 21-Apr-20 906/Five-5-2020 Availability of blood in govt and pvt labs
180 21-Apr-20 907/Five-5-2020 Nodal Officer for training
181 21-Apr-20 908/Five-5-2020 Information of persons purchasing medicines for covid like symptoms
182 21-Apr-20 913/Five-5-2020 Sero Surveillance study
183 21-Apr-20 923/Five-5-2020 Use of private hospitals for covid treatment
184 21-Apr-20 924/Five-5-2020 Uploading covid + information
185 21-Apr-20 925/Five-5-2020 Nodal Officer for Aarogya Setu
186 21-Apr-20 928/Five-5-2020 Information on Covid
187 22-Apr-20 920/Five-5-2020 Implementation of provision of Labour department
188 20-Apr-20 898/Five-5-2020 Prohibition of disinfectant spray on public.
189 22-Apr-20 937/Five-5-2020 Security of employees engaged in covid 19
190 23-Apr-20 910/Five-5-2020 Responsibility of medical teams deployed in covid dedicated medical facility
191 23-Apr-20 926/Five-5-2020 Guidelines of common public places including offices
192 23-Apr-20 927/Five-5-2020 Guidelines in situation of identification of Covid patient in non-covid facility
193 23-Apr-20 931/Five-5-2020 Revised key deliverables for 2020-21
194 23-Apr-20 941/Five-5-2020 VC on 24-04-2020 by Union Health Minister
195 23-Apr-20 942/Five-5-2020 Updation of Covid portal in last 7 days
196 23-Apr-20 948/Five-5-2020 Explanation of CMO Raebareill
197 24-Apr-20 886/Five-5-2020 Enhancing lab capacity
198 24-Apr-20 935/Five-5-2020 To increase beds and HR in L1 attached facility for asymptomatic covid +ve patients
199 24-Apr-20 945/Five-5-2020 Dead body Management.
201 24-Apr-20 950/Five-5-2020 VC by CM-UP
202 24-Apr-20 952/Five-5-2020 Protocol for Rapid Anti body Test
203 25-Apr-20 903/Five-5-2020 Precautions during relaxation in lockdown
204 25-Apr-20 932/Five-5-2020 Death audit policy for Covid-19
205 25-Apr-20 933/Five-5-2020 Online trainings of persons engaged in covid management
206 25-Apr-20 956/Five-5-2020 MoM_23 April 2020
207 25-Apr-20 959/Five-5-2020 Check-list for supervision
208 27-Apr-20 970/Five-5-2020 Delivery services for pregnant women during COVID-19 epidemic
209 27-Apr-20 977/Five-5-2020 Regarding Compliance of infection Prevention and Control Protocol Issued By GoI and State Government for the prevention of Covid-19 disease by all Government/Private Hospitals.
210 30-Apr-20 1001/Five-5-2020 Regarding better data management related to coivd-19 on COVID Portal
211 30-Apr-20 964/Five-5-2020 Regarding the disposal of scientific treatment of Bio-Medical waste generating at the time of treatment of sample collection covid-19.
212 01-May-20 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) MHA Order to extend Lockdown for the period of 2 weeks w.e.f 4.5.2020 with new new rules & guidelines.
213 01-May-20 1031/Five-5-2020 Instruction regarding quarantine on return of migrant workers to the state.
214 01-May-20 1014/Five-5-2020 Regarding Severe Acute Respiratory Infectiond (SARI) Patients related to COVID-19.
215 04-May-20 View/Download Catalogue For COVID-19 IEC Materials UNICEF
216 04-May-20 AIDS/GIPA/MISC/18/3323/2020 GO on permitting HIV positive patients to travel to ART centers to get there medication
217 04-May-20 1032/Five-5-2020 Covid-19 Aditional Guidelines on Rational use of perssonal protective equipment.
218 05-May-20 1033/Five-5-2020 Regarding notification of private hospitals as dedicated Covid-19 L-2 hospitals.
219 05-May-20 1046/Five-5-2020 To fix the rates of feeding arrangements for covid-19 patients in State Hospitals/Health Centres.
220 07-May-20 1055/Five-5-2020 Regarding expenditure: Person placed in Quarantine Faclity.
221 09-May-20 View/Download Districtwise L1/L1 Covid Care Center, L2, L3 Isolation Beds with Hospital Name
222 10-May-20 1074/Five-5-2020 Regarding manintain the availability of medicines in all hospitals.
223 11-May-20 1072/Five-5-2020 Regarding Shri Pranjal Yadav(Special Secratary) Nominated as Nodal Officer
224 11-May-20 1078/Five-5-2020 Information related to ICMR dipo engaged in distribution of diagnostic materials
225 13-May-20 1087/Five-5-2020 Regarding providing emergency and necessary services in private hospitals due to covid-19.
226 14-May-20 A-45013/4/2020-HPE Purchase of PPE coveralls by State/UTs and private establishment.
227 15-May-20 1103/Five-5-2020 Regarding classification of Hotspot/ Containment Zone.
228 15-May-20 1104/Five-5-2020 To increase the number of beds and human resources in the "L-1 Covid Care Units".
229 16-May-20 1112/Five-5-2020 Regarding Addtional Guideline on rational use of PPE Kit.
230 16-May-20 1113/Five-5-2020 Regarding authorizing the Director, State Health and Family Welfare Institute for the documentation of all actions / efforts.
231 20-May-20 1139/Five-5-2020 Regarding L1 Covid Care Centre
232 20-May-20 1131/Five-5-2020 Regarding Approval of Private Hospitals to Cvoid-19 L2 Facilities.
233 20-May-20 1132/Five-5-2020 Regarding Classification of Red Green & Orange Zone
234 24-May-20 1154/Five-5-2020 Health protocol for railway passengers during covid-19.
235 25-May-20 1156/Five-5-2020 Regarding Health Workers working in Covid & Non Covid areas.
236 22-May-20 1136/Five-5-2020 Regarding Investigation of Covid-19.
237 26-May-20 1163/Five-5-2020 To increase the number of beds and human resources in L-1 covid care units asymptomatic covid positive patient.
238 28-May-20 1151/Five-5-2020 Regarding registration and availing services of Covid volunteers for pest control and relief work.
239 29-May-20 1180/Five-5-2020 To provide medical facilities in the infection prone areas through Medical Mobile Unit.
240 31-May-20 1186/Five-5-2020 Regarding deployment of human resources in all the functional Covid dedicated L-1 Attached and L-2 medical units of the state.
241 31-May-20 902/Five-5-2020 Regarding management and precautions to be taken to prevent infection of Covid-19 in industrial / commercial establishments and other offices / institutions / institutions in the state.
242 01-June-20 1188/Five-5-2020 To providing details for sample investigation of suspected / infected persons of Corona virus (Covid-19).
243 03-June-20 1196/Five-5-2020 Regarding Passenger Train Movements from 01-06-2020
244 06-June-20 1218/Five-5-2020 To Prevent ENT Doctors,Staff Nurse,Support Staff & Patients from Covid-19 infectios.
245 07-June-20 1211/Five-5-2020 Guideline regarding use of N-95 Mask in Non Covid Facilities.
246 08-June-20 1221/Five-5-2020 Regarding the revised guidelines for the use of hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis of Covid-19 infection.
247 10-June-20 1243/Five-5-2020 Guidelines regarding Covid-19.
248 11-June-20 1248/Five-5-2020 Regarding registration and availing services of Covid Volunteers of National Service Scheme (NSS).
249 02-June-20 1195/Five-5-2020 Regarding the revised affiliation of districts' laboratories for testing of Covid-19.
250 04-June-20 1203/Five-5-2020 Regarding management and precautions to be taken to prevent infection of Covid-19 in industrial / commercial establishments and other offices / institutions / institutions in the state
251 06-June-20 1217/Five-5-2020 Regarding SOP (standard operating procedure) issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India for prevention and prevention of spread / spread of Covid-19
252 12-June-20 1270/Five-5-2020 Regarding setting up of a sample collection center for Covid-19 testing by private laboratories.
253 15-June-20 1251/Five-5-2020 Regarding effective control of Covid-19 infection and death in urban areas of various districts.
254 15-June-20 1273/Five-5-2020 Regarding provide health information on daily basis of patients admitted in Covid-19 facility.
255 16-June-20 1220/Five-5-2020 Regarding to start OPD services in primary health centers / community health centers and private clinics in the state.
256 18-June-20 1299/Five-5-2020 Regarding the establishment of Corona Help Desk at all Primary Health Centers / Community Health Centers in the state.
257 18-June-20 1289/Five-5-2020 Regarding handing over the body of Covid-19 suspected dead to immediate family members.
258 19-June-20 1307/Five-5-2020 Revised discharge policy for discharging Covid-19 patients.
259 19-June-20 920/Five-5-2020 920-private medical college Covid-19 patient reimbursement.
260 21-June-20 1310/Five-5-2020 Regarding to update vacant beds (L-1, L-2 and L-3 hospitals) information on the covid portal.
261 23-June-20 1324/Five-5-2020 Regarding surveillance in containment zone.
262 23-June-20 1325/Five-5-2020 Regarding Vertical Survillance Team.
263 26-June-20 1334/Five-5-2020 Regarding registration and availing services of Covid volunteers for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and relief work
264 25-June-20 1336/Five-5-2020 Checklist prepared for monitoring in each district of Uttar Pradesh.
265 18-June-20 1298/Five-5-2020 Regarding Covid testing rate
266 22-June-20 1317/Five-5-2020 Regarding Covid help desk in offices.
267 28-June-20 1357/Five-5-2020 To comply with the instructions given in the review meeting held on 25.06.2020 by Chief Secretary, UP Government for prevention, prevention and control of Cavid-19
268 29-June-20 1844/77-4-2020 Regarding establishment of covid-19 help desk in offices.
269 29-June-20 1238/Five-5-2020 Regarding perferment of covid-19 cases for JNU Medical college, Aligarh Muslim University
270 30-June-20 1371/Five-5-2020 Regarding the notification of the following medical units of the state as a dedicated "Covid-19" L-1 (Covid Care Center) Hospital.
271 03-July-20 1407/Five-5-2020 Regarding to start the medical services in private hospitals/nursing homes.
272 09-July-20 1439/Five-5-2020 Guidelines for the operation of "Death Audit Portal" related to death of Covid-19.
273 07-July-20 1412/Five-5-2020 Regarding the fees charged by private hospitals in the state for treatment of covid-19.
274 07-July-20 1441/Five-5-2020 Regarding to upload all positive and negative results on the portal after conducting antivirus test related to covid-19
275 09-July-20 1442/Five-5-2020 In connection with testing and quarantine at the place of arrival for all citizens from abroad / other states.
276 18-July-20 1515/Five-5-2020 Regarding L1+ Facility in UP.
277 20-July-20 1522/Five-5-2020 Regarding home isolation.
278 21-July-20 1524/Five-5-2020 Regarding revised discharge policy.
279 24-July-20 1540/Five-5-2020 Regarding RT-PCR Test and Static Collection booth
280 30-July-20 8459/Five-5-2020 Regarding establishment of L-2 facility
281 07-July-20 1431/Five-5-2020 Regarding quick approval of True Nat / CBNAAT based Kovid-19 test for testing of Covid-19 in private laboratories / clinics.
282 06-August-20 1616/Five-5-2020 Regarding Integrated Covid Command & Control Center
283 06-August-20 1621/Five-5-2020 Regarding use of Ivermectin (Tab) to prevent infection
284 13-August-20 1647/Five-5-2020 Regarding establishment of integrated Covid Command & Control Center
285 01-September-20 1787/Five-5-2020 Regarding prisoners in jails prevented from Covid-19
286 02-September-20 1795/Five-5-2020 REGARDING SERO SURVEILLANCE IN 11 DISTRICT OF U.P
288 10-September-20 1794/Five-5-2020 Regarding Fix Rate of TR-PCR Test
289 10-September-20 1826/Five-5-2020 Regarding the revised affiliation with laboratories
290 25-August-20 1661/Five-5-2020 Revised guidelines for quarantine facility set up in all districts of the state
291 23-October-20 2243/Five-5-2020 Instructions for protection from Covid in view of upcoming festivals